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How to Get Online Nadi Reading?

Nadi Astrology Reading Procedure

The origins of the Nadi Astrology are shrouded in the mists of time. This marvelous system of prediction has been used to give reliable guidance for many... those who seek and those who are curious to know what future holds in store have to be patient since it is a divine process and it is believed that those who have utmost belief in this science of astrology could only be able to get their LEAF.

It is also believed that those who are destined to have their LEAF written would eventually end up seeking these predictions at the destined TIME. This divine astrological predictions involve multiple stages …amongst which

The first process involved in availing Nadi Astrology is to send the corresponding THUMB IMPRESSION of the seeker who according to astrological terminology is addressed as the NATIVE. For a MALE GENDER it is the RIGHT thumb impression and for a FEMALE GENDER it is the LEFT thumb impression, that is all what is required to get started.

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According to mythology and Hindu traditional practices it is believed that Lord Shiva offered his left physique to Goddess Parvathi thus earning the name arthanareeswarar. The Maharishis have followed the same principles as far as astrological practices are concerned thus signifying Right (thumb) to the male gender and left (thumb) to the female gender. The inner circles, both visible and hidden dots signifies and defines how an individual would be living a life right from the time of birth up till the end of his/her last breath. What extents he/she blessed with good fortunes and amount of sins and curses the concerned individual is carrying in this birth as well etc.

How to Send thumb impressions?

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Those who wish to come in person to seek Nadi Astrology can do so right in front of the Nadi Reader himself on a piece of white paper as one will be provided with a scribbling pad, ink pad and tissue paper to wipe off the ink.

One can send the scanned copy of the corresponding thumb impression through FAX or Email Or else can show the corresponding thumb impression through SKYPE Cam. One can even take pictures of the corresponding thumb impression from their Mobile and send through Chat Apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram etc.

The Rishis insist that the respective individual must get relieved from past birth sins and bad karmas if prescribed any, to make the given predictions a reality. To realize and accomplish things as predicted one has to do the remedies as prescribed with sincerity and utmost devotion. These remedial procedures will be explained in chapters 13 and 14 called Shanthi & Dheeksha chapters. The last process involved is…

To hand over the prediction script note in person or scan it and send via email. The predictions will be simultaneously recorded while reading out. The recorded prediction clip would be convert in to Mp3 file and sent to the corresponding email id of the seeker.

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