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K Singh - Toronto, Canada

"I cannot thank AstrologyPredict enough for their help in my Nadi Prediction and the subsequent remedial measures that were performed. I believe I had a calling from the Almighty to have this reading performed at this time and am still amazed at the level of accuracy pertaining to my personal details and current circumstances. It's hard to believe that these predictions were written more than a 2000 years ago by the Indian sages.

The information that was revealed in my leafs regarding my current situation and that of the past gave me a new insight of this relationship. The financial, marital, personal, career and health problems that I was experiencing presently were directly related to my past birth and the things I had done to others at that time. I now have a new perspective on the meaning of Karma.

I had been out of work for more than six months with the prospects of finding a job to be very low and was feeling despondent about my life. But soon after performing the rituals recommended in my "Shanthi" and "Diksha" Chapters, I was offered a job in my field. I attribute this to the remedies performed and thank the Almighty for his divine help.

A big weight has been lifted from me and I feel more empowered and optimistic about the future than I have ever been in my life. I now have the opportunity to transform and control my destiny and that of my family for the better.

Please If someone feels attracted to Nadi and would like to find out more, I would highly recommend doing your Nadi reading through AstrologyPredict. There customer support is exemplary and have always answered my queries in a supportive, friendly and timely manner. Thank you again AstrologyPredict for providing such a professional service "

Delithra Mohan - Malaysia

"This is my testimonial on the Nadi predictions and what I have encountered. The predictions had come true a month after it was done, which gave me tremendous faith in this service. During the uncovering of my leaf, some of the questions were very unique and known only to me. I was very surprised that this information was contained in the leaf.

It also meant the predictions were accurate and timely. I decided to conduct the remedial prayers and further felt great change in my perspective and outlook. Things that seemed impossible before and brought me fear suddenly became very easy to overcome. It is a feeling that cannot be described. Solutions seemed like they fell into lap. I would be just sitting with a calm mind and I would have a thought which would guide me to find the information I needed to overcome this obstacle. I have no other explanation other than the divine healing of the remedies and my faith in this.

I do believe the experience will be different for everyone, however my testimonial is one which mirrors the change in my life I am now going through. I didn’t think it would be possible for me to move forward with some situations I had become entrapped in. However, it is like I have stepped outside these troubling waters and found new strength. My soul feels at peace and I have a renewed calm energy which I didn’t have before.

I am happy to share more with anyone who would like to hear my story personally. You can contact me at [email protected]. I hold a tremendous amount of gratitude for Guruji and his divine astrologypredict family who have provided the Light and direction for me. I remain strong on my chosen path."

Monika Sharma - Delhi, India

"While browsing my computer, It is my sheer luck I came across your website Astrology, AS framed in it I followed instruction and ordered to search my holy script In the course of prediction, to alienate my sufferings especially a court case dragging, remedy suggested and I did it.

Now I find a final date is announced to pronounce the verdict. Seeing the development I hope and feel confident that my side will emerge success during the judgment. I am daily chanting the mantra suggested to achieve good result in life."

Rama Sankar - Mumbai, India

"I am happy in going through your website and to note the details pertaining to astrology aspects of different forum. One of my friends seeing the site suggested me to view the same.

It is indeed marvelous and encouraging and paves the way for an individual to set right the life. Since remedies are also forms part in it. I am sure using this source with certainly enable me to tune my life and to position it in the right track."

Alarico - Spain

"Kudos to Astrology predict for the valuable service you are rendering, My life got changed totally from worst to best after I consulted your NadI astrology centre, When I approached you first time, I never thought my visit will change my life path so soon, Many of the perplexities I faced all along melt like snow drops in front of sunshine. The way you dealing with your clients, and the affectionate consultations and the valuable suggestions for doing remedies really speaks volumes and volumes about your professionalism.

Now all my confusions got cleared, and I am leading a very happy life with my family. All my problems solved as if at the press of a button. I will surely propagate about your company and the services to all my friends and beloved, so that they also should come over their problems and lead a piece full life like myself. I am wishing the almighty to give all the necessary infrastructure to you to carry on with this noble job."

Asha - Kenya

"I would like to thank Astrology predict and the sisters and brothers working there for their efficient assistance and guidance. My daughter has finally succeeded in achieving a job after being unemployed for 6 months.

The Guruji at Astrology predict told her to do a jap which brought miracles during the interview. The Interviewer did not ask her any interview questions, nor looked at her degrees and documents. The interview too did not last 10 minutes and she was hired and given exception from other interview tests that other interviewees go through. This indeed is a Miracle and we thank the team of Astrology predict and may God bless them."

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