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Why Nadi Astrology?

our nadi astrology center in chennai, India

How it is different from other astrology services?

Astrology in general is a very cosmic subject expanding its roots day by day having diverse methodologies and the adopted practices. Every astrology has a fair share of intricacies and constraints. And an astrologer should have profound knowledge of various methods of astrology as it all depends on the concerned astrologer.

Astrology is a divine instrument which can only provide guide lines to know what future beholds for an individual. Destiny cannot be altered but one can change his/her destiny through Astrology or an astrologer for that matter as it teaches oneself how to cope up with the future and the preventive measures to overcome all obstacles. Nadi Astrology is otherwise known as Miracle Astrology since it is defined by super powers, whereas other Astrologies are concerned it is purely based on Theosophical movements, Scientific and Mathematical Calculations.

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LIst of Nadi Chapters

It is mandatory to order Chapter 1 before ordering any other chapters. This alone
guarantees whether are not a holy script is written for you and exists.


General Chapter is to be located by searching through the index bundles...

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Shanti Pariharam: This chapter speaks about one of the past life or births, bad and...

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Dheeksha Kandam: This chapter speaks about the methods of preparing...

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FINANCE & family

This chapter speaks about Family bonding, Education, Eyes, Money and Intuition...

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This chapter speaks about lifespan and Longevity, Accidents and dangers that...

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This chapter speaks about Career, Job, Profession and Business, Good (Favourable)...

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It contains relevant information about your spiritual attainment in this life...

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This chapter speaks about first Union or Marriage and Status of married life. Also...

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Online Nadi reading procedure

How to get Your Online Nadi reading?

The origins of the Nadi Astrology are shrouded in the mists of time. This marvelous system of prediction has been used to give reliable guidance for many... those who seek and those who are curious to know what future holds in store have to be patient since it is a divine process and it is believed that those who have utmost belief in this science of astrology could only be able to get their LEAF.

It is also believed that those who are destined to have their LEAF written would eventually end up seeking these predictions at the destined TIME. This divine astrological predictions involve multiple stages …amongst which

The first process involved in availing Nadi Astrology is to send the corresponding THUMB IMPRESSION of the seeker who according to astrological terminology is addressed as the NATIVE. For a MALE GENDER it is the RIGHT thumb impression and for a FEMALE GENDER it is the LEFT thumb impression, that is all what is required to get started.

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Eradicate your negative karma from your life

How do remedies help?

What would you do when if you are suffering from Health complications?...Obvious choice is to consult a a qualified doctor right??? And upon thorough observation the doctor eventually identifies the nature of the health complication and prescribes you Medicines to get cured right??? Medicines of your choice is enough for you to get cured? has to take the medicines as prescribed by the doctor to get cured.

Likewise…the great seers with the help of divine grace have visualized and identified the actual causes for all the sufferings each individual is destined to go through in his/her present life and have prescribed some remedial measures accordingly through this divine astrology to get rid of the malefic planetary effects, past birth sins and towards the welfare and wellbeing of oneself.

Remedies will reduce your karma and bestow one with good life. The prime objective of remedies is to eradicate and to find solutions to the seeker’s persisting problems, challenges, sufferings, unfavorable times and negativities.

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